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Information about the board


Each Gammoner-Backgammon-Board is individually hand-crafted according to your special wishes and your color choice.


Gammoner boards are available in three sizes, to accommodate the widest range of needs for both professional and casual players.

The largest, which I call the "King Size", is built around 50 mm [2 inch] checkers.  The dimensions are:  39 cm x 63 cm x 9 cm (closed) and 78 cm x 63 cm x 4,5 cm (open).  This size is ideal for chouette play, and it also conforms to the limits of acceptable dimensions for most tournament venues.

The smallest size is built around 45 mm [1.75 inch] checkers.  The dimensions are 35 cm x 57 cm x 8 cm (closed) and 71 cm x 57 cm x 4 cm (opened)  This size is ideal for tournament play where space limitations preclude the use of the King Size board.  This is also the easiest size to carry on public transportation.

For those players who prefer playing with the 50 mm checker but who also desire the convenience of a smaller format, I have created a middle size which I call the "Traveller".  The dimensions are 39 cm x 58 cm x 9 cm (closed) and 78 cm x 58 cm x 4,5 cm (open).  The primary difference between the "Traveller" and the "King Size" is that 12 checkers can be stacked vertically on the King Size board, but only 11 checkers can be stacked vertically on the Traveller board.


The weight is as low as possible and with less than 5 kg the board can be transported easily.


The playing surface of Gammoner boards is made from industrial-grade, Merino wool felt.  The points are inlaid into the playing field, and there is no stitching to restrict the movement of the checkers.  My color palette consists of more than 40 different shades, permitting literally tens of thousands of possible field/point-one/point-two combinations.  In addition, the checkers, dice and doubling cube can also be color coordinated with the field and point colors.  As a final area of customization, there is adequate space on the Gammoner trade-mark plate to engrave a name or personal dedication.

The industrial-grade, Merino wool felt is dirt-repellant and is designed to stand up to the rigors of serious and extended playing sessions.  In the unlikely event that the felt becomes soiled, it can easily be cleaned in most instances with a moist cloth or with a commercial cleaner designed for use on seat cushions.

The outer material of the case is always the finest, padded leather from German production and tanning. On request you can get leather with different colors and designs. The handle is always covered with the same leather as the bag. The high quality of the leather ensures long life of the board, not just visually.

The case corners are glued, gold or nickel-plated steel caps give extra protection to the board. Soil nails at the bottom keep your board clean if you intersept it. The high-quality combination locks, available in different colors and design, work precise and keep the content of your case save. All fittings are matched to each other stylistically.



The Gammoner-Backgammon-Board is completed by 2 pair of precision dice, hand made dice cups (from 5 mm full grain leather), a large doubling cube and high-quality checkers (30 + 2 reserve checkers).


Prices start with 1350,- Euro for a board build for 45mm checkers, a "Traveller" board (50mm checkers) costs  1550,- Euro and a "King Size" 1600,- Euro.