Gammoner in Action






I'm very pleased to welcome you on my website!





A game, fascinating mankind for millenniums and me for more than 25 years now.
Not only a game, but also a little bit of philosophy and mathematics.

The unexpected - like real life.


In 2006, more or less randomly, I started to build Backgammon Boards (Thank you my friend). A Passion has been found and I have never looked back. The precision work with high quality materials and tools, the contact with different people from all over the world, and ultimately the positive feedback on my boards have made my life richer.


Meanwhile Gammoner has become a brand that has found its place in the world of backgammon or as one of my favorite customers (Robert E. Stoller, Alaska) said: "The sun will never set down in Gamonner Empire"

Thank you all for that.